Hacking the Afterlife with Jennifer Shaffer and Ian Stevenson


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Another unusual podcast. In this instance, I had a thought to invite Ian Stevenson, the renowned professor and psychiatrist to our podcast. I had a specific reason - because there's a phrase he left behind, that he thought - like Harry Houdini - he could "communicate" to someone on the other side.

In doing these podcasts with Jennifer, on occasion we get to "prove" that the flipside exits. We did so in the book "Backstage Pass to the Flipside" where my old pal Bill Paxton showed up to report things from the flipside that only I could know or that he knew. (And I had two others do the same, and that's in the film "Talking to Bill Paxton" on Gaia).

In this case, I wanted to ask him some questions about his life and journey. He spent three decades flying around the world studying reincarnation while at UVA, and founded The Dept of Perceptual Studies at UVA with a grant from the founder of Xerox.

I had met members of DOPS in 2011 after Flipside came out and I was on my way to speak at an IANDS venue in Virginia Beach. (At the time, I didn't know that Dr. Greyson was a founder of Iands or that DOPS was involved.) But I met with Dr. Greyson, Dr. Tucker, Ed and Emily Kelly PhD at their offices and we discussed why Ian Stevenson felt hypnosis (as reported in "Flipside") wasn't a valid tool of science (due to bias.) However, as I pointed out, that didn't explain why people across the globe were reporting the same hallmarks while under hypnosis - hallmarks contrary to their stated belief systems. (As per the Newton Institute findings, and later, as per the research from clinical psychologist Dr. Helen Wambach who got the same results a decade earlier.)

But this podcast isn't a dialectic on the research - I wanted to know a specific phrase that he left behind. Jennifer didn't know anything about Ian, although she notes at the beginning she was listening to Dr. Greyson's book on his NDE research "After."

We then broke down what Ian was telling us in visual images - I edited out the actual "answer" - (which is very specific) - because I'm going to pass it along to the folks I know who knew him, and see if that is accurate. If it is not accurate, or Jennifer's interpretation isn't accurate, or my interpretation of what she was seeing is wrong - I will report that, and as noted, I have a couple of other mediums who can weigh in. If what he reports is the "secret phrase" is accurate, I will report that in a future podcast.

But in general, what Ian Stevenson has to say in this podcast is in line with everything else we've heard - and is mind bending as well. Enjoy.

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