Hacking the Afterlife with Jennifer Shaffer, Jim, Elvis and Luana


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This is an exploration into incarnation. Not in reincarnation - but the process of incarnation. How does it occur? We have a chat with Jennifer's father, a Mormon Bishop on the flipside. He discusses the process of a "drop of light" coming to incarnate in the guise of a human.

When asked if anyone else wanted to speak on the topic, Elvis came forward to observe that music is the same kind of frequency that the drop of essence is described as - another bit of the overall light that is part of incarnation.

A discussion of past lives ensues - and how everyone brings an amalgamation of all their lives to the current lifetime, which may include music, art and other energies. It sounds esoteric and it is - but it is based on the flipside research. Thanks for tuning in.

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