Hacking the Afterlife with my grandma, Hira the dog and Charles Grodin part two


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Part two of our interview with Charles Grodin, but a week later. It starts off with a visit from my Italian grandmother, who answers a couple of questions - I include this because it's a way to demonstrate how people can access loved ones.

Then we interview Charles Grodin again, with some questions about process and clarification. There's a brief discussion with Robert Towne's dog Hira, and a comment about something Chuck mentioned to his friend Paul. I can report that Paul has responded to what Chuck said about him, offering "Chuck’s words have an absolute connection to what I am doing. Rather astounding if true! Thank you."

The point is that people on the flipside can say private message to their loved ones that won't make much sense to anyone else but them. I'm glad to be able to pass the message along from one old friend to another.

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