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For this week’s Feed Drop Friday, we are thrilled to bring you an episode of AfroQueer. You can listen to more episodes and learn more about the show by visiting afroqueerpodcast.com and be sure to follow them on Twitter @afroqueerpod and on Instagram @afroqueerpodcast. AfroQueer is a first-person narrative-driven podcast that tells sensitive, first-person narrative driven stories that illuminate the realities of being Queer and African, while also revealing the nuanced insights into how we survive and often thrive living and loving our lives. The host of our show is Selly Thiam, a Senegalese-American living in Kenya with a background in radio journalism and keen ear for great stories. A variety of reporters from around the continent lead listeners through stories reported over time and told with compelling structures, nuanced understanding of the stakes in our stories, and sensitivity. This episode is entitled, Sex Test: What happens when our own truths are subjected to constant medical tests and public scrutiny? Female athletes singled out for sex testing and the unnecessary testosterone therapy stay defiant. (This episode was recorded before the September ruling by the Swiss Court.)

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