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110 - It's fair to call it a major pivot: When Alex Cearns went full-time as a pet photographer in 2009, she left behind a career in counterterrorism. And although the work was more joyful, it still felt like baptism by fire to successfully manage a full calendar of clients.

These days, thankfully, up-and-coming pet photographers have far more people to turn to for advice—including Alex herself. Joining me from her home in Perth, Australia, Alex talks about her photography journey, her rescue-related projects, and the wisdom she's learned along the way.

What To Listen For:

  • The business-consultant advice that Alex ignored altogether
  • How she developed her studio shooting plan
  • Why Alex ignores her competitors—but couldn't succeed without them
  • The fascinating insight she gleaned from post-2009 global markets
  • How to leverage your storytelling superpowers
  • Why you don't want to volunteer for animal rescues (a brilliant bit of advice!)

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