When Do I Start Charging with Heather Lahtinen


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105 - Deciding when to start charging for your work is like having a baby: You're never going to feel completely ready. If you're a human—and I assume that you are—you'll always make mistakes and have room for improvement. Regardless, this week Heather and I hope to convince you that if someone in your market is willing to pay you for photography, then forpetessake LET THEM PAY YOU!!! Have a listen, and hear us out.

What To Listen For:

  • The components of an MVP (that's 'Minimum Viable Product')
  • How to set appropriate client expectations if you're new
  • The "dead zone" of photography pricing
  • What to say when you need to re-shoot a session
  • How to Malcolm Gladwell your way into better images

Still don't feel like you're ready to charge? Try running your reasons through Heather's BS Detector—it's the surefire way to know if they're legit, or just excuses protecting your ego from bumps and bruises.

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