Why You Can't Ignore Video with Shelley Paulson


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109 - Earlier this year, head of Instagram Adam Mosseri announced that IG is no longer a photo sharing app. Cue the record scratch. Say wut??
If you've spent a minute on social media lately, the pivot to prioritizing video comes as no surprise. Equine photographer Shelley Paulson has been watching the trend develop for years, which is why she started dabbling in video creation back in 2014.
This week, Shelley joins me to talk about what's changed in the world of video, and how you can take advantage of video's emotional power—both for increased reach in your marketing efforts and to create a better experience for your clients.
What To Listen For:

  • How standards for video production have shifted in recent years
  • The most challenging part of offering video to clients
  • Ideas for mixing stills and video
  • How to leverage video for commercial opportunities
  • What Shelley predicts for the future of video and technology

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