Episode 91: Halshack Ep 24.5 (SUPERFINDS) Nov 2021- Bonus show- Top 5 bands- all BATTLE series


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Well well look what we have here! Look, up on stage! Its an actor, no its a dancer, no its the SUPERFINDS! These are all top 5 artists from the various BATTLE series shows. Some even made both top bands in the Batlleshack and Battlevids series! Well done!
I try to pick songs, as usual, that have not had much rotation or are new to keep every show as fresh as possible! So in no particular order, other than mastered into my artistic "trademark" flow, I present to you the best of the best of our infamous contest series!
Catch all new shows coming soon, every 2 weeks at the least you will get a show from me! Just recently I released SHACKTRACKS 5 onto Zeno FM and Amazon Music as well as my website!
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Thanks for tuning in, if you are new then go back and find all 100 episodes covering over 200 artists, spanning 2000 songs across 10 popular genres over my last 7 years as a podcast!
I play no games and make no jokes when I say this IS the next armada of real HIT artists just about left on the planet! Anything that resembles what we once knew on the radio in the 70s 80s 90s and 2000s has been taken in and given a home here at the Halshack! We are building a team here of next level artists and songs that encompass the universe of music that will define the HALSHACK in the years to come!
Glad you're all along for the ride!
Untill next time! .....REVERBNATION CAMPAIGN #2 is on the way!
.Look for Rap Shack 4 to probably kick it off more than likely!

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