Hitting The Marks: Return Of The Trump


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Hitting The Marks Podcast Part Deux Episode X8: Ted Cruz Just Doesn't Give A Fu.... and We Love It! March 03, 2021 Its the headlines the manipulated media are not talking about... or they are just hiding them... #DemHTMBoys, Jargo & RBV are back with the latest installment of the Hitting The Marks Podcast. On the Run... - JustCBDStore.com presents the @HTM_Pod Weekend Update... Big Shrimpin' Spendin' Cheese. Pro Wrestling Gold. Pissing Off the In-laws. - New Zealand Shutting Down. Texas Opening Up. - Let's Talk About Syria Baby! Oh What a Difference Two Years Makes. What the Biden Bunch was Saying Then as Compared to Now. - Khashoggi Report. The Crown Prince Said Off w/His Head. - Return of the Trump. The Donald Sounds Off at CPAC. A New Face of the GOP?... News Update... Ted Cruz Still Doesn't Give a Fu... - #HTMSports: 31 Million Reasons to Move to the Desert. Russell Wilson On the Move? Follow the Hitting The Marks Podcast on Social Media... @HTM_Pod /hittingthemarkspodcastnetwork @notjargo @therealrbv hittingthemarks.com SUBSCRIBE TO THE NEW HAMIN MEDIA GROUP AFFILIATES CHANNEL! www.haminmediagroup.podbean.com YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnZkzOodkDzBN5wiunvCXkg CHECK OUT OUR SPONSORS!! JustCBDStore.com Use Promo Code "HTM" for 20% Off Vince Russo Bro! Coffee from TheBroasters.com Artisan Greek Olive Oil from zourdosoliveoil.com Pro Wrestling Tees Prowrestlingtees.com/SuperStarSilvio ProWrestlingTees.com/BinHamin ProWrestlingTees.com/StevieRichardsProWrestlingTees.com/SEGShirts ProWrestlingTees.com/GreekGodPapadon Stevie Richards Fitness StevieRichardsFitness.com

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