Echoes Through Time: Our Connection with People of the Past


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What was life like for women in Emperor Nero’s court? This knotty issue is just one of the preoccupations of Carey Fleiner, senior lecturer in Classical and Early Medieval studies at the University of Winchester.
In this episode Dr Fleiner talks to Ingrid Tofteng about Nero’s wives, Pompeii and the Vesuvius eruption of 1944-and how the influence of the Roman Empire has reached down through the centuries. Along the way we hear about Carey’s work behind the scenes at the British Museum and the joy of living in Winchester, where echoes of the Roman world lie just beyond her back door.
This episode was first recorded by students of Cultural Heritage and Resource Management masters course in coordination with the University of Winchester for Heritage Open Days 2020, and has been re-edited specially for us as a podcast.
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