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UNSOLVED DEATH: Brittany Locklear was born on October 14, 1992, in Raeford, North Carolina, and was living with her mother, Connie Locklear-Chavis at the time of her death. Connie described her as an incredibly unique child, although she was small, she was very independent. Brittany was nicknamed little-Brittany at West Hoke Elementary School because she was the school's youngest and smallest kindergartener. Others described Brittany as a beautiful little girl who was always smiling, gave the best hugs, and loved Pocahontas.

MAY is Asian American, Pacific Islander, MMIP Awareness! We also hit on the serious epidemic of MMIW Here are sources available to the public: https://mmiwusa.org/

Missing and murdered indigenous people (MMIP) are often under-reported and due to data deserts of information, it can be hard to find details of these cases. In fact, indigenous women face murder rates that are more than 10 times the national average. We want to promote these cases to a larger public, with hopes to uncover answers and draw attention to a vulnerable population that has an unproportionate amount of unsolved cold cases.
National Crime Information Center (NCIC) — FBI

I wanted to Thank Sidney @speakhertruthtc on Twitter - for referencing Brittany's story as a suggestion. If you have a story/case suggestion please fill out a suggestion form HERE.

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In the 1960's, Smithsonian ethnologists Dr. William Sturtevant and Dr. Samuel Stanley describe the Lumbee as "…larger than any other Indian group in the United States except the Navajo", and give a population of 31,380 Lumbee (from North and South Carolina) in 1960. | Lumbee History & Culture | | https://www.lumbeetribe.com/history--culture

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