Ya got Any Beeman's?


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As we sat down in the Hangar 49 studios to record this show on December 8, 2020 word that general Chuck Yeager had passed away had just been announced. We re-vamped our show to feature his book and an interview. We also reached back about 100 shows and dusted off our review of the film, “The Right Stuff.” And, as the General would say, “Ya, got any Beeman’s, “ his favorite chewing gum.

(Oh, apologies in advance: Al had some issues with his microphone so there might be a few audio glitch’s. As Chuck Yeager would say, “Al…ya gotta know your systems!”)

Movie: The Right Stuff

Interview: Chuck Yeager on Breaking the sound barrier.

Book: Yeager-An Autobiography

Website: Feedspot Pilot Blogs

Song: Ken Dravis/Ain’t It Funny

Destination/Places to Fly To: Places to fly with nearby snow skiing.

Sound: Brent Pella: Why you shouldn’t fly on Spirit Airlines

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