Catch Us If You Can!


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We are a couple of busy guys. Between Tony's work as an award-winning photographer and Al's career as a voiceover artist, we barely have time for lunch, much less flying around and doing podcasts, but here we are again. If you listen to our podcast, but don't have time to catch this whole show, do yourself a favor (favour?) and listen to our special guest, Frank Abagnale. His talk comes at about 40 minutes into this episode. Happy flying!

Movie: Catch me If You Can

Interview: Frank Abagnale-Catch Me If You Can

Book: The flight-Charles Lindberg’s Daring and Immortal Transatlantic Crossing by Dan Hampton

Website: Simple flying

Song: Flying Crow Blues/Washboard Sam

Destination/Places to Fly To: Gisborne Airport, New Zealand

Sound: KPHL ATIS-Tropical Storm Isaias

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