S100E111 - Feet. A whole episode about feet.


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Episode 11 - Feet. A whole episode about feet.

Happy Time Maybe comedy is a podcast that asks shouldn’t they be called Feet Soldiers not foot soldiers?

My name is Blake Blake and with me today is someone who isn’t my Arch nemesis, or the Heel of the show. It’s someone who loves feet just as much as me, my Toe Pal, Mandy “long Toes” Amanda.

Today, as we celebrate Feet, I ask you how long is too long to make eye contact with your pedicurist?


Cherry pie under your car

Foot Stabbing

Lumberjack rescues crows from felled tree, teaches them to log roll


30 Things to do With Feet

Piggy Feet to the market


Feet Questions Food shaped like feet Everybody hurts (feet) How well does someone have to know you to touch your feet. Songs about feet? Feet sayings?


Feet Idioms, are mostly literal https://www.abc.net.au/education/learn-english/feet-idioms/8467702

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