Jack Russells Snappin' at the heels of a Rothwheeler #29


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There's a lot of twists and turns in this weeks epiode! Featuring Liverpool's most notorious - reformed gangster Stephen "The Devil" French. He'll be dropping pearls of wisdom "yeah right?". He'll be discussing his favourite breed of attack dog. Ludo and Tiddlywinks. Machinees VS Shotties.
Other topics include Ross Kemp, Danny Dyer and Martin Kemp. Liverpools treasured residents - Wayne Rooney, Purple Aki, Derek Acorah and other well known Scouse legends. Take a walk down to the grolly pit with your swot knot. How is the cock of the school decided? "The many faced god" Kyle Cleghorne jumps in to talk char sui curry and TJ Hughes trackies.
There's a lot going on! Sit back and enjoy the spin laaaaaaaaaaaaa.
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