Linda Lovelace: How Far Does A Girl Have To Go To Untangle Her Tingle?


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Who really is Linda Lovelace? We know she played the “tit-le” role in ‘Deep Throat’, but did you know that she could not escape the infamy of this movie for the rest of her life? From Catholic school to undiagnosed hepatitis, from hardcore loops to full-length pornographic films, from being a star in the Golden Age of Porn to being an anti-porn advocate; Linda was a complicated woman. Get ready for our most XXX-rated episode yet! Karamia tells Emily about peep shows, obscenity trials, and the dark side of the industry that Linda claims she was forced into. Make sure there are no children near and prepare for some jaw-dropping moments that may require a stiff drink. For the cherry on top, Karamia gives a summary of ‘Deep Throat’ which she watched all 62 minutes of! She even quotes her favorite “stimulating” moments of dialogue. Happy listening and a deep throat to you all!

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