Minisode: The Eldest Escort on Earth


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If you would like to know who we both aspire to be in our elderly age, it's Sheila Vogel-Coupe, AKA the world's oldest escort. Emily surprises Karamia by telling her about Sheila, a British grandmother who traded her velour jumpsuit for lacy garters and ditched her bifocals for a set of bedroom eyes. Sheila has lost family members, been "stitched up" by the press, and been the brunt of joke headlines and we think she deserves a little more admiration and a round of applause. This is another SPICY episode so ditch the kids and listen in while you wash your knickers and nibble on some bangers and mash. Grab a glass of champagne and a slice of chocolate cake, and join us in singing a LOUD round of happy birthday to our new adopted grandmother.

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