Naked in Her Dressing Room Eating Lobster: Josephine Baker (Part 1)


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When the lights went up for the show and Josephine Baker was nowhere to be found... it was because she was naked in her dressing room eating lobster. We don't know about you, but we REALLY want to be friends with her. We weren't really sure how to fit someone who lived 1000 lives into one episode, so we decided to split up Josephine's story into two. In Part 1, Karamia tells Emily about Josephine's childhood: from supporting her entire family at age 9; to marrying TWO different men named Willy before age 15; to wowing audiences from St. Louis to Paris with her infectious grin and goofy faces. Grab yourself a plate of lobster; rename all your pets "Tomato"; put on a fake monocle, and get ready to fall in L.O.V.E. with Josephine.

PS... at the end of the episode we get cut off before we can tell you goodbye (but we were probably done saying anything interesting anyway).

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