Naughty Aughts: Paris Hilton Part 2- Was She Punk?


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Welcome to Part 2 of Naughty Aughts: Paris Hilton edition. In this episode, we continue our journey through the early 2000s, and re-think everything we thought we knew about Paris. As we re-examine the platinum-blonde Mother of Social Media, we find more than a vapid heiress, who was the victim of revenge porn, the Bling Ring, and a "Paris Exposed" storage unit fiasco. We will sort through the heavy silver eyeshadow, Dior purses, and platform sandals to find that Paris was unapologetically herself, which really is quite punk. So spritz on your "Heiress" perfume, layer a few tank tops over your favorite skin-type long-sleeve, pour yourself a Captain Morgan and Cherry Coke, and join us for the conclusion of this very confusing deep dive. And remember: You don't get that far by being a dumb blonde.

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