Naughty Oughts: Back to Missy Elliott... But She Never Really Left


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You might know her as the powerhouse behind the iconic songs that played at your middle school dances, on the school bus, or through the headphones of your 4th generation pink iPod Nano. You might know her as the amazing female rapper who had us all picking our jaws off the floor and baby teenyboppers asking ‘WHO is THAT?’ at the Superbowl and Video Vanguard Awards. Missy Elliott is an American treasure (duh), but what do you really know about her beyond her ICONIC music videos, her MTV Cribs episodes, or her close best-friendship with Timbaland? Missy comes from an abusive past, has struggled with anxiety and autoimmune disease, and has been the focus of body image critics and been boxed-in by tabloids who felt it was their duty to define her sexuality. She defined a generation of fashion, has been a fierce advocate for mental health, and has fought tooth and nail against racist and misogynistic industry standards... all while wearing our favorite iconic robot suits. So go try to find some Smirnoff Ice or some long-gone Pepsi Blue and listen to us gush over sexy lyrics, Aaliyah, “Lady Marmalade”, and how Emily once sang both parts of The Elephant Love Medley by herself.

[FYI around minute 42 we lost the rest of our episode and had to re-record the second half, so bear with us, and use that spot as a place to pause and refresh your pizza bites and vodka Red Bulls.]

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