Thanksgiving Minisode: What You're Doing Wrong According to Emily (Post)


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Happy Thanksgiving Harlots! We hope that you are staying safe and home and having thanksgiving with your cats. But dinner is dinner and even if it's just you, your 14 chinchillas, and a boatload of mashed potatoes, you should still be using proper etiquette! Enter Emily Post. You may know her as Miss Manners; she quite literally wrote the (900 page) book on the proper way of life. We want to make sure you are not combing your hair or flossing your teeth at the table, and if you are a host, that you are doing frequent checks of the toilets to make sure nobody left any unwanted presents. Lock your doors (so no unwanted guests show up), pour yourself a GIANT winter sangria, (none of your relatives will be there to judge how sloshed you get), and dig into the pumpkin pie early as you listen!

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