Five Situations They Lied To Us About & NYGvPHI Debacle


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Remember back when the Panthers were going to be terrible? Remember when the Jaguars were tanking and the Packers offense would be pedestrian at best? Seems like a long time ago! Today we'll revisit situations the fantasy football market seemed sure about this summer, and discuss what happened. We'll also review the Week 7 injury decisions you'll have to keep track of this weekend, and discuss the stinky stinky Giants/Eagles game Thursday night. Guest: Cousin Josh.


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Josh's Five Situations They Lied To Us About:

5. Jags are tanking

4. Stay away from Chargers passing game

3. Raiders brutal opening schedule

2. Bills can't support any offensive weapons

1. Packers offense will be bad

Josh's Week 7 Point Spread Picks:

CLE @ CIN (+3.5)

CAR @ NO (-7.5)

DAL (+0.5) @ WAS

Chris's Week 7 Point Spread Picks:

CAR @ NO (-7.5)

PIT @ TEN (+1.5)

CHI (+5.5) @ LAR

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