Odell Beckham & Stuff That's Wrong With The NFL


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Thursday night's Jets/Colts game wasn't exactly a classic, but we'll review what happened, including a massive game from Jonathan Taylor. And then we'll talk about Odell Beckham: he's been released by the Browns, but what does he have left? We watched all his film from 2021 to find out. We'll review the Week 9 injury situations we'll be tracking over the weekend, and we'll have a wide-ranging conversation with the stuff that bugs us about the NFL and fantasy. Guest: Cousin Josh.


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Josh's Problems With The NFL

1. Saturday, Sunday Night and Thursday Games Stink

2. The Multi-Team Bye Weeks Are A Travesty

3. 14 Teams In The Playoffs

4. Officiating Is So Bad

5. 18-Game Season

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