Life Transformation and Energy Activation with Sarah Peyton & Melanie Dean


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Traumas we experience in the early part of our life can become fear and anxiety we carry with us into our adult lives. But, patterns and behaviors that once served as successful coping strategies can sabotage our intimate relationships with others and more importantly with ourselves. To explore the mechanisms of change afforded to us by neuroplasticity and intuition, Positive Psychology Podcast Host Lisa Cypers Kamen speaks with two authors who share the knowledge that life transformations are possible through energy activation. Sarah Peyton is a neuroscience educator who teaches about the impact of childhood trauma on our brains and how we can transform self-sabotaging patterns that carry on into our adult lives. She shares examples from her book, Your Resonant Self Workbook, about how every person can tame their inner critic and change their life. Melanie Dean is a psychologist and educator who describes the quantum physics of healing and how people can get what they want by becoming in tune with their power. She describes the process of energy activation and key learnings from her book, The Hidden Power of Emotions: How to Activate Your Energy Field and Transform Your Life.

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