Tasting Truth: Feeding Ourselves Healthy and Hacking Our Hardwired Brains with Dr. Robert Lustig & Dr. Robert Barrett


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Who benefits from making Americans fat, tired, and sick? Big food and big pharma that’s who. Grocery stores are brimming with ultra-processed, sugar-laden alternatives to real food, and doctors benefit monetarily from dolling out pharmaceuticals that only treat symptoms, not illnesses. To determine what individuals can do to live a healthy life and make more nutritious food choices, Positive Psychology Podcast Host Lisa Cypers Kamen speaks with two doctors who have researched the effects of processed foods and sugar consumption. Dr. Robert Lustig uses six simple words as a golden rule when it comes to nutrition and health. He dispels common food myths and chronic diseases as detailed in his book, Metabolical. And, Dr. Robert Barrett discusses the dark sides of social media, smartphone use, and the real drug problem in the U.S., all from his latest book, Hardwired.

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