Owning Our Career Path, A Candid Conversation with Certified Career Coach EB Sanders


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“As women, that’s what is put on us, the labor at and within the home, and that’s why so many women are struggling in the corporate arena right now; there’s this line, oh women are leaving the workforce due to COVID, no, they’re getting pushed out because that’s the only option.”
EB spent 12 years loving her life as a college professor, but education budgets being what they are, she found her course load shrinking year after year. She eventually pivoted into creative recruiting and staffing, where she discovered that what she actually loved was directly helping womxn & folx with their career development. WIth that knowledge in hand, EB knew she needed to go all in as a Career Coach.
Today EB is an in-demand coach, speaker, and staffing consultant serving creative individuals, companies, and organizations. Focusing on career path planning and leadership development, EB has helped dozens of clients find their “Thing,” and to create the life they’ve always wanted.
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