A Wrinkle In Time


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After hearing so much about what this book means to fans - particularly young girls - Brenna and Joe are surprised to discover that it has not aged with. Blame the current pandemic, but a story that prioritizes individuality above all else doesn't quite the same way in a society that refuses to even wear a mask for the greater good.

There's also the strange critique of communism/totalitarianism that is also an unabashed ode to Christianity that doesn't quite sit well. Thankfully we can see why Meg Murry is a friend to all smart, outsider girls (even if her last name is misspelled. Lol).

The film doesn't fare too much better. Joe wonders if the issue is screenwriter Jennifer Lee's background in animation, while Brenna takes issue with the tired fan-service and janky FX. But we like the diverse casting, practical set design, costumes and make-up. It's all a big toss-up!

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