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Brenna and Joe - with special returning guest star Terry Mesnard (of Gayly Dreadful) - check out the first season of's Love, Victor.

We're primarily discussing the first five episodes (with helpful hints from Brenna, who watched the whole series) which follows new transfer student Victor (cutie Michael Cimino) who immediately falls into a love triangle with uber-popular Mia (Rachel Hilson) and publicly-out barista Benji (George Sear).

Oh if only the series were just about them! Alas, there's another half dozen characters, each of whom has their own storyline and arc, including Victor's parents (James Martinez and Ana Ortiz) and Mia's dad (Mekhi Phifer)! This is a series that's doing plenty of good things, but it's also overstuffed, surprisingly tame considering Disney+'s weirdly conservative decision to move it to Hulu and sadly averse to featuring predominantly queer musicians.

In short: we have THOUGHTS!

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