Ep.148 Scott Diussa - Disney, Nikon, Tether Tools and Rock And Roll


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This weeks guest is our friend Scott Diussa, this guy has seriously been around the block, if that block is the coolest properties on a Monopoly board. From Disney, to Nikon to Tether Tools and a whole load of rock and roll in-between, Scott has experienced more in his career than a lot of people could ever imagine. Sit back and listen to Scott talk about how opportunity knocks when you least expect it, working hard to maintain it and reap the rewards of a well earned career!



Tether Tools

Scott Diussa is a graduate of the Southeast Center for Photographic Studies, at Daytona Beach College, in Florida. His photographic background started with weddings, portraits, and architectural photography but quickly evolved into teaching photography at the Disney Institute at Walt Disney World, in Orlando. From there he joined the Nikon family and is currently the manager of field operations for Nikon Professional Services. Scott’s personal favorite photographic genres today are concert, aviation, and travel. Before his career in photography, Scott was an audio engineer, which is a great benefit in the new world of DSLR video.

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