Demystifying Legal Matters for Health Coaches | Tania Shah


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Today we are welcoming Tania Shah to Health Coach Radio. Tania and her partners have created In The Know Legal, a legal consulting company that teaches coaches how to protect themselves personally and professionally with legal templates designed specifically for health coaches in different stages of their business. During this episode, we got into the nitty-gritty details of legal matters that come up when building a health coaching practice. We talk about disclaimers, terms and conditions, terms of use, the client agreement, liability waivers, and more. Tania keeps this session light and funny and is great at explaining the why behind the importance of some of these legal must-haves. If you are a health coach who has been scared to think about the legal aspects of your business, grab a pen and paper and be prepared to have some of your legal concerns be demystified.

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