Dr. Nelli Gluzman - Dr. Mom - Root Cause Solutions vs. BandAid Solutions


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Dr. Nelli Gluzman, founder and head physician at Blossom Pediatrics, is passionately dedicated to helping you rescue your child’s health. She utilizes an integrative, functional, and holistic approach to medicine. This approach is one that focuses on the root cause of chronic illness in children, allowing for the complete reversal of symptoms and the elimination of long-term conditions.


“Doctor Mom”, as her patients have fondly nicknamed her, is dedicated to helping each child find relief from their illness, allowing them to live happier, healthier, and more fulfilling lives. This is achieved through individualized treatment plans based entirely on what will work best for each particular child.

Working with the sickest children inside the hospitals of NY as well as running her own practice; Dr. Gluzman is trained and experienced in both conventional and holistic medicine. She is passionate about helping each child regain and sustain optimal health through a customized blending of functional and integrative medicine. Throughout this highly specialized process, the child’s transformative healing is predicated on the strong partnership formed between Dr. Gluzman and each family she treats. All the factors that influence health, wellness, and disease are taken into consideration; including the body, mind, spirit, community.

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In this powerful interview we covered:

What the difference is between Root Cause Solutions vs. Band Aid Solutions

How Dr. Gluzman was drawn to working with children with chronic health conditions with functional medicine and natural approaches and how she got into this with her daughters on challenges.

Why she chooses a more integrative approach and what it looks like when a child first arrives into her office or through telemedicine?

What are some more subtle signs of these issues that we as parents might miss?

What are 6 questions to ask when searching for a Pediatrician that uses integrative medicine and other natural therapies.


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