Eline Mets Celebrate Badass Motorcross Ep67


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Motocross Racer and filmmaker Eline Mets is the first woman in Canada to jump her dirt bike onto an airbag, a motocross champion, and is the creator of Diaries of Badass Chicks. She won grant money from the Telus Storyhive Web Series and made the TV show’s pilot. Eline is bringing women in motorcross to mainstream. We get into being taken seriously, getting the proper gear and equipment for high level performance, ageism, learning to ride with a bunch of little kids, and feeling indestructible as a motorbike rider, plus, because that’s our thing, inequity in the world of motocross. Hear Her Sports is long-form interviews with female athletes & women in sports breaking boundaries, speaking up and living with power & confidence.

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