Veterans Focus Ep.002: "Noodling for Chow" w/ Devon Walker & Timothy Haley


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Devon Walker & Timothy Haley joined the podcast for an in-studio chat today about the fine art of "Noodling" or hand-fishing. Will and Tim served together in Hawaii and deployed together to Iraq. It was great getting to hear the stories that they made over 12 years ago. Tim hails from Oklahoma and Devon from Texas, so the BBQ Rib challenge was thrown down for a future gathering at the "Sniper Bar & Grill" and also a trip to film and interview during a "Noodling Expedition" here in the Lake Texoma area. Till then, sit back and relax and listen to the What-Why-Where-When and crazy stories of putting your hand into a dark place, hoping to catch dinner, and not be dinner.

Stay blessed and let's just keep the episodes between us from now on. We are getting way too many contacts and leads for future episodes. Slow your roll, Jack, we need time to chill too! Stay frosty folks!


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