Wild Otters Pvt. Ltd: A Business Model for Conservation Ep#10


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Otters are kept as pets. Can you imagine? They are a huge part of the illegal wildlife trade. I found out this and more at Wild Otters an otter-research based organization, tucked away in a corner of Chorao island in Goa. Listen to Ecologist and Director, Dr. Katrina Fernandez and Director and Chief of Communications, Kshitij Garg; Katrine Burford-Bradshaw and Shiri Lev and find out what they're doing to conserve the Smooth-coated otter, in its habitat. Listen on Spotify, apple podcasts, google podcast and android. Show notes for this episode on earthymatters.blog https://earthymatters.blog/2019/06/05/wild-otters-pvt-ltd-a-business-model-for-conservation-ep10/ Photo and otters sounds courtesy: WildOtters.

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