Lisa MIlls. How Every Single Cup of 'Elephant-Friendly Tea' Counts. Ep#16


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Hi, I'm Lalitha Krishnan. I ‘m speaking to Lisa Mills, program director at the Wildlife Conservation Enterprise Program at the University of Montana- Broader Impact Group. The University of Montana in partnership with The Wildlife Friendly Enterprise Network (WFEN), has released a science-based guide or standards for the certification of tea producers under the Certified Elephant Friendly™ Tea label. Lisa has been working to save the “globally endangered” Asian elephant for the past 10 years and is now facilitating ‘The Elephant Friendly Tea Certificate Program in northeast India. Listen to Lisa to understand some crucial issues: What is the connection between tea and elephants? How are the choices you make in the market making a difference? What are the reasons for elephant mortality in tea estates? How are man-animal conflicts resolved? Is there a future market for other wildlife-friendly products in India? Read the Show notes on

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