Women for Nature: Vena Kapoor EP 22 Part 2


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As an ecologist, conservation researcher Vena Kapoor has worked on exploring if spiders can be used as natural pest control agents in the rainforest in Valparai in the Western Ghats. For a few years, she also managed the administrative and finance team in NCF's head office in Mysore. In 2010, Vena received Ravi Sankaran InlaksScholarship for the MPhil in Conservation Leadership at the University of Cambridge, UK. After the course, she worked with the Cambridge Conservation Initiative on strategizing and improving the collaborative potential of geographically co-located conservation organizations for more impactful conservation research and practice. Her current area of expertise and work is in developing a well-researched nature learning curriculum and outreach material for primary schools using education theory and pedagogical practices. She also conducts workshops, talks, and walks for adults and children to introduce them to the fascinating world of insects, spiders, and nature around them.

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