Aaron Keown: Christchurch councillor rejects the idea councillors need special mental health support


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A Christchurch City councillor has rejected the idea of councillors being given special mental health support.
It comes after Wellington City councillor Simon Woolf called for a organisation to give counselling to city council members.
He said the job was high pressure and opened up about his struggles with mental health.
But Aaron Keown told Heather du Plessis-Allan stress is just part of the job.
"It is pretty tough and you're going to cope abuse from the public and you're going to cope abuse from the people you're working with because that is the nature
"You are making decisions on their behalf. Some people are not going to like them and they are going to tell you about it."
He says giving councillors such support would be unfair.
"The front line staff in supermarkets we heard about last week getting abuse, I don't hear them calling for counselling."

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