Damon Salesa: More court cases due to hold up Samoa's election results


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Samoa's apparent election result is being described as historic.
The Samoa Observer says the Fast party has won April's election, over the incumbent Human Rights Protection Party.
Its Supreme Court has overruled the electoral office appointing an extra member of Parliament to the existing Government.
It ends a month-long period of uncertainty.
Samoa Observer Editor Jame Robertson says it's a significant moment for the island nation.
He says Samoa has entered into uncharted political territory, as the current Prime Minister has been in office for 22-years.
However, Auckland University's Damon Salesa told Heather du Plessis-Allan there are still more legal hurdles to jump through.
"Typically in a Samoan election, there's a whole lot of litigation centred on individual electoral races, and there's 26 of those court cases to come."

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