Jazz Thornton: TikTok not to blame for people stealing Mazdas


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Social media challenges may be becoming the new public boogeyman, but one social media influencer says the platforms are not to blame.
There have been a couple of stories in the past week where social media has been alleged to have played a role
An incidence of arson in a supermarket and hundreds of Mazda thefts have both been linked to snapchat and TikTok challenges.
So will chasing social media fame inevitably lead to a life of petty crime, or do we all need to take a deep breath?
Mental health advocate and a TikTok influencer, Jazz Thornton told Heather du Plessis- Allan she doesn't feel the platforms can be held solely responsible.
“If you've got one video that goes viral, then you've got a whole bunch of teenagers trying to do the same thing.”

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