The Huddle: Judith Collins tanks in the polls, and who should do the most housework?


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It appears the writing is on the wall for Judith Collins' leadership.
Newshub's latest Reid Research Poll has the National leader on 5.6 per cent support in the preferred Prime Minister stakes -- down 12.8.
Jacinda Ardern is on 48.1 per cent, and even Sir John Key - who's long since left politics - polled higher.
However, Collins says those numbers aren't what she's hearing.
She told Mike Hosking she's getting people stopping her in the street and at the airport telling her they think the party is doing the right thing.
Meanwhile, a Wellington business is calling for a reality check.
Sweet Axe Throwing has applied to Wellington City Council's Licensing Committee for an on-premises licence.
Police have objected to the application, raising concerns over how drinking would impact safety.
Sweet Axe Throwing owner Sarah Hilyard told Heather du Plessis-Allan there would be a firm two drink limit.
She says they don't allow any intoxication on their premises and they would argue two drinks is not going to lead anyone to that.
And finally, it may be time to ask your significant other to do their share of the housework...
A Westpac New Zealand report found in couples where both work the same number of paid hours, women do nine hours a week more of unpaid work -- like housework and childcare -- compared to men.
It found if men picked up more of the unpaid work, enabling women to extend their paid work hours, it'd boost an individual household's income by $530 per year.
At a national level, it'd increase the the country's economy by $1.5 billion.

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