Phil Goff on his planned 10-year recovery budget for Auckland Council


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Auckland Mayor Phil Goff says his 10-year Recovery Budget proposal prioritises value for money.
Goff is proposing selling surplus properties to invest in critical infrastructure - as a response to the $1 billion loss in revenue.
He also wants a one-off 5 percent rates increase for the next financial year, before reverting to 3.5 the following year.
Phil Goff says it was a tough budget to put together.
He told Heather du Plessis-Allan that Covid-19 has thrown a spanner into the works of what the council was hoping to do.
Asked about Herald sources that have said water rates could rise by 8 per cent, Goff says that would be Watercare's decision.
"They have a statutory ability to set their water rates."
He says that they have raised it, but have not yet made a decision, and he doesn't know if it will be 8 per cent.
On congestion charges proposed yesterday, Goff says that they will likely replace the Regional Fuel Tax in 2025, once the City Rail Link opens and there are alternative transport options for Aucklanders.
"One will be phased in and one will be phased out."

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