Wendy Allison: Know Your Stuff hopes drug testing law change will protect New Zealanders


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There are hopes new legislation will protect New Zealanders from dangerous drugs.
A short-term law will allow on-site drug testing, just in time for summer festivals.
It allows concert goers to check what's in their drugs without risking legal repercussions.
Know Your Stuff Director Wendy Allison told Heather du Plessis-Allan people are less likely to take drugs which they know are dangerous.
"Last year it was about 15 percent of substances were not what they were supposed to be.
"In past year's, it's actually been worse."
Health Minister Andrew Little says that doesn't mean illegal drugs are sanctioned.
Little says the concert goer is being told the drug's safe and it's their choice whether to use it.
He says it's an opportunity to try and educate the young about the risks they're taking.
National will not be supporting the bill, which will be passed through Parliament under urgency.
Justice spokesperson Simon Bridges says it sends young people the wrong message on hard drugs.
He's worried it'll give kids a false sense of security about what they're doing.

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