Ep. 194 - Barbarian's Mate by Ruby Dixon (Ice Planet Barbarians Rerelease)


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Hey HB's! We heard BookTok made a revolutionary discovery recently, so we're here to celebrate all new readers of the Ice Planet Universe by rereleasing our chat about Barbarian's Mate, the 7th installment of the Ice Planet Barbarians series. As you know, it's Melody catnip: alien erotic romance! We've got Josie, the last of the original women to resonate, and Haeden, the grumpiest 7 foot blue alien a girl could ask for. But dudes! He's not grumpy! He's a secret cinnamon roll who just can't stop spilling in his loin cloth! This duke is a virgin and he's the virgin duke of her secret dreams. Make sure to subscribe to the Ice Planet Podcast as well, because Dani and her guests break down EVERY BOOK in the original series.

Bonus Content:

Our humble comments on the title (get @ us authors, we offer our services to all), new segment transition: *Beep Boop Bird Click*, IUD hijinks, taking someone to your FURS, faking farts to hide your true love, luxury caves, lady nectar, heavy balls, spurs, sexy papoose, and how to not be a Romeo.

Lady Loves:

Erin: Maybelline Super Stay Matte in Self Starter (which she now concedes is the best lipstick on the market)

Melody: Make good choices for yourself, like not furtively eating frosting with a spoon like a Gollum.

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