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When will data breaches be a thing of the past? How do we protect our personally identifiable information? How will CCPA, GDPR, and future regulations reinforce data protection and data privacy?

These questions and more are addressed by Hedera’s Paul Madsen in this Gossip About Gossip episode with Manetu’s Product Strategist Terry Keene and Strategic Advisor Nathaniel Rand.

It has long been thought that blockchain and distributed ledger technology will positively impact privacy management. In response to data breaches, regulators expect enterprises to adhere to CCPA compliance, GDPR compliance, and future data privacy regulations.

Nate and Terry walk us through CCPA vs GDPR and how Hedera’s Consensus Service (HCS) will help Manetu allow consumers to manage their own private data, with Terry claiming that “Hedera will be our badge of honor.”

Listen to the entire podcast and learn why privacy compliance demands not only doing the right thing, but being able to prove it.

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