Data Science Data Aggregation and Distributed Ledger Technology Deal with Pest Control


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Farmers deal with various pests during growing seasons. Currently, there isn’t a public database for pest data to be uploaded and presented. The lack of available data makes it difficult for these growers to know what pests to expect and when they should start treatment. Treatment at the wrong time affects our food crops as well as the environment.

Public Pest Network is a public decentralized database where pest data can be published and then shared in a way that is easy to understand. In this Gossip About Gossip episode, Hedera’s Paul Madsen and Cooper Kunz are joined by Katie Grubb, an Entomologist at the University of Kentucky, and Bryan Racic, a Software Engineer.

The Public Pest Network’s user-friendly interface, heat map distribution of data, and pest prediction system, give entomologists and growers an easy way to communicate pest data to save crops and encourage minimal pesticide use.

Listen to the entire podcast and learn how data science, data aggregation, and a next-generation distributed ledger technology deal with pest control and protect our food supply.

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