Database Technology Gets A Boost in Cybersecurity with DLT


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Blockchain technology won’t replace the need for databases; however, it will strengthen cybersecurity by introducing a layer of trust that mitigates internal threats, malware, and other concerns.

In this Gossip About Gossip episode, Hedera’s Paul Madsen and Cooper Kunz are joined by Guy Harrison. Guy is CTO of ProvenDB, a database professional, and author.

Here are some blockchain applications and use cases that ProvenDB make possible:

  • Prove ownership of intellectual property
  • Prove timestamps for legal instruments
  • Prove that records have not been falsified or tampered with
  • Create a log of all document changes

There is no doubt that the proof of work algorithm was a breakthrough technology. We are now witnessing the limits of this distributed ledger technology as it cannot realistically scale without harmful effects.

Listen to the entire podcast and learn why anchoring digital proofs in databases are the new fingerprint.

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