eftpos Micropayments using a Decentralized Distributed Ledger Technology


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Smart cities and IoT projects will be made possible with financial innovations achieved in the payments industry. Self-sovereign identity and digital identity verification are made possible with recent advancements in payment technology.

Launched in the 1980s, eftpos introduced a fast, simple, and secure payment system, which was rapidly embraced by both shoppers and merchants in Australia. eftpos revolutionized the way we pay for goods and services, and, as a result, changed the retail landscape forever.

In this Gossip About Gossip podcast episode, Hedera’s Christian Hasker and Cooper Kunz are joined by Rob Allen, Entrepreneur in Residence at eftpos Payments Australia. Rob shares how eftpos addresses the blockchain trilemma constraints and what will probably be Hedera’s first-ever stablecoin.

Listen to the podcast and learn how a micropayments infrastructure will change the way we interact with online businesses and disrupt the revenue model for online content creators.

You can learn more about eftpos at https://www.hedera.com/blog/eftpos-pioneers-new-ecommerce-micropayments-solution-using-hedera-hashgraph and https://www.eftposaustralia.com.au/.

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