350 Billion Coupons Used Per Year, But How Many Are Fraudulent?


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Get ready to turn your calculator sideways.

Join Hedera’s Paul Madsen and Cooper Kunz in this Gossip About Gossip episode with Jay Johnson, CTO of The Coupon Bureau.

Jay shines a light on the overwhelming fraud surrounding the transparency, and accountability when using 350 billion coupons per year. The Coupon Bureau is addressing how coupons are settled, reconciled, and validated without the use of a centralized database.

Coupons enhance loyalty programs and retailers are incentivized to provide higher valued coupons as fraud is reduced. Future coupon campaigns will leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to capture additional use cases for consumers.

With The Coupon Bureau revolutionizing the industry, coupons are live within 5 minutes, rather than 10-15 days, and quick campaign results are produced; compressing 6 weeks down to a single day. Jay points out that the coupon industry could possibly be the world’s most unregulated legal tender.

You can find The Coupon Bureau at https://www.thecouponbureau.org/.

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