Fair Marketplace Now Possible while Incentivizing Acts of Kindness


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Acts of kindness and charitable donations receive a massive boost as distributed ledger technology offers transparency, micropayments, and a decentralized internet.

New blockchain applications are being created continually and here we present a socially responsible business in this Gossip About Gossip episode. Hedera’s Paul Madsen and Cooper Kunz are joined by Jeff MacFarland and Jacob Shepherd from the Humankind team.

It pays to do good things. HumanKind is a marketplace that sponsors and rewards good behavior and random acts of kindness, giving back to the communities, businesses, and charities you care about. Essentially, the kinder you are, the more you—and the community you are a part of—get back.

Listen to the entire podcast and learn how being on the HumanKind platform is a win-win.

You can find Humankind at https://humankind.ly/ and https://hedera20-platform.bemyapp.com/#/projects/5edf92720d38ff001b6b06f6.

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