Low Trust Logging – From Apache Kafka to the Hedera Consensus Service - #66


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In this episode of Gossip about Gossip, Hedera's Developer Evangelist Cooper Kunz is joined by Tim Berglund, the Sr. Director of Developer Advocacy at Confluent. Tim’s experience in the technology industry spans decades, from writing firmware to some of the early days at GitHub, currently leading outreach and training at the multibillion-dollar enterprise software company Confluent. At Confluent, they're building an ecosystem around the popular event streaming platform Apache Kafka, which powers everything from Fortnite to the "Big Banks'" backend microservices.

Listen to this podcast to hear Tim's thoughts on distributed ledgers, Bitcoin, event streaming architectures, and the Hedera Consensus Service's low trust logging. You can follow him on Twitter at @tberglund and learn more about Confluent at https://Confluent.io.

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